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Chinese Meridian Face Massage


Step 1: Client’s face is cleansed with rose water or their personal cleanser. Two cotton pads are used simultaneously to cleanse both sides of face.


Step 2: The therapist starts on back of client’s neck. Using a paddle movement with four fingers placed on either side of client’s neck, the therapist gently and rhythmically presses upwards into back of neck, alternating on each side, slowly working up and down the neck.

This movement can also include top of backs of shoulders and the top of the occipital.


Step 3: Using the paddle movement work along the whole edge of occipital.


Step 4: Gently pull neck upwards
Step 5: Hold back of head steadily with one hand. With the other hand, use fingers to work in circular movements along the scalp. Can make the circular movements bigger and smaller for variation. Use bottom hand to gently tilt head to gain access to all sides of head.


Step 6: In the same position, use spider movements with all fingers of one hand to gently pull at scalp and hair.
Step 7: Using both hands, rub along back and front sides of ears by making a scissor shape with fingers.
Step 8: Use the thumbs and index fingers to rub ear lobes and along the sides and top of the ear.


Step 9: Hairline: ST 8 (above hairline at corner of forehead)

Place pads of index fingers on ST 8 and use small circular motion to massage the points. Use a position that is comfortable for therapist’s wrists.


Step 10: Forehead: GB 14 (just above midpoint of eyebrow)

Place pads of index fingers on GB14 and use small circular motion to massage the points.


Step 11: Inner tip of Eyebrow: BL 2 (at inner tips of eyebrows).

Use pads of fingers to smoothly and gently press upwards.


Step 12: Outer tip of eyebrow SJ 23 (in a depression at lateral end of eyebrows).

Work from inner tip of eyebrow to outer tip in small circular movements.



Step 13: Around eye: GB 1 (in a small depression by the outer corner of eye)

Use small fingers and very light pressure on these points.


Step 14: Around ear:

ST 7 (in front of ears, in depression between jawbone and cheekbone),

SI 19 (in front of the tragus, in a depression when the mouth is open),

GB 8 (on head above apex of ear),

SJ 17 (behind the ear lobe, in a small depression).


Step 15: Jaw: ST 6 (on the jaw muscle, anterior and superior to lower angle of mandible).
Step 16: Side of nostril: LI 20 (at the sides of the nostrils)
Step 17: Above and below lip: DU 26 (above lip on midline) and REN 24 (Above the chin, in the depression in the centre of the mentolabial groove)
Step 18: Yintang and Taiyang

Yintang is a point between inside of eyebrows. Place pad of thumb on Yintang and rock rapidly back and forth.


Taiyang is a point to the side of outer corner of eye and eyebrow. Use pads of index finger to gently press and massage.


Step 19: Fish belly with fleshy part of palm starting at forehead and down cheeks.
Step 20: Smoothly stroke along and up the forehead and into head up to DU 20 (A point at top of head, at midpoint of an imaginary line drawn from tops of ears, the point is located where the lines would meet.).
Step 21: Press in and around DU 20
Step 22: Press and paddle along the bottom of the occipital and back of neck to bring the treatment to a close.
March 14, 2018

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