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Chinese Meridian Leg and Foot massage

Front of legs. Start on one side.


Step 1:

Knead and squeeze

Use both hands to knead and alternately to squeeze the leg from the top down to the ankle. Spend a few minutes warming up the leg this way, moving up and down the leg. Build a gentle rocking movement into the massage.
Step 2:

Kneading with both hands


Place one hand on top of the other and knead more deeply. Start at the top of the leg and work your way down. Knead the outer side of the leg too.

The Stomach meridian goes down the middle of the back of the leg.

The Gall Bladder meridian goes along the outside of the leg.

Step 3:


Use the back of one hand to roll along the top of the leg, around the hip and down to the ankle.
Step 4:

Supported rolling

Place one hand into a fist and the other hand supports the wrist. Use a rolling movement so that your knuckles massage the hip joint, and the upper leg area.
Step 5:

Elbow and side arm kneading.

Use one elbow and side of arm to knead around the hip.
Step 6:

Calf squeezes and knead

Squeeze and knead around the lower leg
Step 7:

Thumb circle calf

Use thumb circles around the lower leg and move down to the ankle.
Step 8:

Double hand finger and thumb circles

Place both hands on the lower leg with fingers on the inner side and thumbs on the outer side. Both hands at the same time make circular movements to massage the inner and outer area of the lower leg. Move down the leg to the ankle.
Step 9:

Knee press

Bend the leg so that the foot lines up with the knee of the straight leg. You sit on the toes of the bent leg to provide support. Begin to thumb press and thumb circle around the sides, top and bottom of the knee. Use the heels of your palms to circle around the knee.


Step 10:

Calf pulls and twist

In the same position as step 9, use both hands as a paddle to alternately press and pull under the calf. Then twist down the calf.
Step 11:

Inner leg press

Bend the leg out to the side, then palm press along the inside of the inner leg.
Step 12:

Thumb and index finger circles around ankle


Use the thumb on one side of ankle and index finger on the other side, use circular movements to massage around ankle. Move down and around the ankle.
Step 13:

Thumb circles and walks between the toes


Start at top of feet between first and second toe and thumb circle at the top. Then use the side of thumb to fan out as you work way up to top of foot.
Step 14:

Circular knead top of foot


Use whole of thumb to circular knead top of foot
Step 15:

Circle knead toes

Use thumb and index finger to circular knead the sides and then the front and back of toes.
Step 16:

Pull toes

Gently pull each toe.
Step 17:

Work on front of other leg

Steps 1 – 16 on the other leg
Step 18:

Squeeze and knead whole foot

Use both hands to squeeze and knead both feet.
Step 19:

Pull and swing legs

Hold under ankles, gently pull and swing the legs from side to side. Give the legs a gentle shake.
March 14, 2018

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