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Chinese Meridian Neck, Shoulder and Arm Massage


Step 1

Warm up

Warm up the shoulders by pressing and kneading them  gently.

Warm up the neck by placing one hand on back of neck with fingers on one side, thumb on the other and make light circular movements. Work your way to top of neck of neck, spend a few seconds on occipital then work your way down the neck.

Alternate between neck and shoulders a few times to relax client.

Step 2

Kneading the shoulders

With fingers on one side and thumbs on the other side of shoulders begin to knead the shoulders more vigorously. Keep your wrists loose and mobile.

Use palms to knead into shoulders.

Step 3

Press the shoulders and shake

Use palms to press down into shoulders and then give them a shake.
Step 4

Loosen shoulder joint

Come to the side of client and place hands on either side of shoulder. Use a circular motion, clockwise and then anti clockwise, to massage shoulders and top of arm. Repeat on the other side.
Step 5

Circular thumb kneading

Use thumb circles around either side of top of spine
Step 6

Thumb presses

Thumb press either side of spine
Step 7


Use one hand to roll over shoulders by using back of hand.
Step 8


Knead the shoulders
Step 9

Scapula massage

Place one hand across front of shoulder for support and use the other hand rub around the scapula.

Then use circular movements with heel of the palm around scapula for deeper pressure. Repeat on the other side.


Step 10

Thumb press scapula

Thumb press down the scapula.
Step 11

Thumb press across shoulder blade

Use thumb to press across shoulder along the SI meridian
Step 12

Circular kneading

Circular kneading up neck
Step 13

Work the occipital

Fingers on one side and thumb on the other, circular knead top of neck
Step 14


With fingers on one side and thumb on the other at top of neck, move wrist back and forth so that a deeper pressure is applied to occipital.
Step 15

Press and shake shoulders

Press shake shoulders.
Step 16

Loosen shoulder joint

Working on one side first, come to the side of client and place hands on either side of shoulder. Use a circular motion, clockwise and then anti clockwise, to massage shoulders and top of arm.
Step 17

Rub and shake down arm

Palms on either side of arm, quickly rub and shake down the whole arm. Repeat a few times
Step 18

Press and knead top of arm

Use a stool or side of chair to rest your foot on. Place top of client’s arm on you leg, letting bottom of arm hang off leg.

Begin to press and knead top of arm. Gently rotate arm to cover front, top and back of arm

Step 19

Circular finger and thumb knead

With thumb on one side and fingers on other side of top of arm make circular movements down the arm up to elbow.
Step 20

Press and knead bottom of arm

Rest arm on pillows/cushion to work on bottom half of arm. Press and knead arm
Step 21

Circular kneading

Use both thumbs to circular knead down arm from crease to wrists.
Step 22

Alternate wringing down arm

Place both hands either side of arm and squeeze down arm in opposite directions inwards and outwards
Step 23

Wrist circles

Use one thumb to circular thumb knead wrist, cover whole of wrist by doing 3-4 horizontal lines of thumb circles
Step 24

Thumb circles to tips of thumb and fingers

Use thumb circles from wrist to tips of client’s thumb and fingers. Turn hand around and do the same on that side
Step 25

Press into palm

Use your thumb and hand to press and knead into palm of hand. Turn hand over and repeat on other side.
Step 26

Rub fingers

With thumb and index finger on either side of client’s fingers and thumb, rub from base to tips. Cover the sides and top sand bottoms of fingers and thumb.
Step 27

Press tips

Press the tips of client fingers and thumbs and release, repeat a few times on each digit.
Step 28

Gently pull digits

Gently pull on each digit
Step 29

Rotate wrist

Interlock your hand with client’s and gently rotate their wrist
Step 30

Repeat on other arm

Carry out steps 16 to 29 on other arm.
March 14, 2018

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