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Placing crystals in strategic places around your home can have beneficial effects.

Natural crystals crystallize in layers and then turn into a more structured shape and size. During this formation the crystal accumulates energy which brings life to the crystals. All natural crystals and gemstones “vibrate” with their own individual frequency, called the piezoelectric effect, meaning can amplify, channel or flow the energy. The energy emanating out of the crystals is clear and integrates with human aura. The ancient art of fengshui utilises this energy to help energy flow through a space to create a harmonious and calm environment.

Placing crystals in strategic places around your home can have immediate and beneficial effects. You can don’t have to be an expert to achieve good results.

During this workshop, students will learn:

Learn how to select and utilise crystals and colour in your home for therapeutic effect.

Techniques include space clearing and chakra balancing as well as more advanced skills for balancing up disharmonious areas and removing geomantic stress.

This workshop is ideal for anyone who has just moved to a new home or workspace and who wants to ensure they are in harmony with their surroundings. It is also great for therapists and those wanting to raise the energy of their workspace.


Cost £65



Saturday 19th May 2018 – FULLY BOOKED


Saturday 17th November 2018 – FULLY BOOKED


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