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Train to become a Smoking Cessation Specialist and get started right away!

The potential market for therapists specialising in smoking cessation work is enormous. If you’re looking to train in a new and rewarding career with flexible working hours to fit around your busy lifestyle, the Diploma in Smoking Cessation Therapy is the course you’ve been looking for.

The Diploma course includes instructions on how to run both smoking cessation / stop smoking groups and one-to-one sessions. It also includes a Directory of Techniques and details of how to run a successful smoking cessation therapy practice.

Decide today to change not only your life, but the lives of many others.

The benefits of studying this Diploma course with Athena

  • Ongoing support from your personal tutor
  • Access to research material which is continually updated
  • Free membership of a peer support group – Guild for Smoking Cessation Specialists & Therapists
  • Eligibility to join our Register of Stop Smoking Therapists
  • An exciting new career and the satisfaction of knowing you’ll be performing a valuable service both to your clients and the community


Course contents:

The “Diploma in Smoking Cessation Therapy” course contains the following modules:

Module one – Background and History

  • Introduction
  • Why smoking cessation work is necessary
  • History of smoking
  • People who still smoke


Module two – Contents of Cigarettes

  • Overview
  • Additives
  • Most widely known components of cigarettes
  • Passive smoking


Module three – The affects of smoking on human health

  • Presenting your client with medical evidence
  • Physiological effects of smoking
  • Medical conditions associated with smoking
  • Smoking and the unborn child
  • The effects of addiction
  • Safer cigarettes
  • Did you know…


Module four – Why people smoke

  • It’s more than a physical addiction
  • Profiles of smokers
  • Why people smoke
  • The perception of cigarettes
  • The three stages of smoking
  • People who still smoke


Module five – Giving up smoking, excuses and benefits

  • Excuses made by smokers
  • The role of will-power
  • The biochemistry of will-power
  • Quitting is unnecessary because…
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Dealing with withdrawal symptoms
  • The benefits of stopping smoking
  • Methods of quitting – using one system
  • Methods of quitting – tried and tested methods


Module six – Working with clients

  • Rapport
  • Words and body language as a skill
  • Words and phrases
  • Perception
  • Listening to clients
  • Good questioning
  • Summing up


Module seven – Running a successful smoking cessation group

  • Group management
  • Role as group leader
  • Controlling a group
  • A challenge to the role of group leader
  • Fear of running a group
  • Awareness of group dynamics
  • Personal input
  • Group members
  • Dealing with destructive elements
  • Designing a group session – the practicalities
  • What you actually say to your group


Module eight – Running one to one sessions

  • The number of sessions
  • The five elements of a session
  • Redirecting the client to the future
  • The information you require
  • Why the second cigarette?
  • The “Why, When, Where” question set
  • Preparation for smoking cessation
  • Quitting before the first session

Cost: £299.00 for the full diploma programme.


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