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What is dowsing?

Dowsing is an ancient skill, which empowers the dowser to find answers to questions that are not available through normal conscious thought processes.

A dowser accesses information, which is available within the sub conscious through the use of a dowsing tool. The tool is normally a pendulum. In essence, we enter into a dialogue with our sub conscious and hidden information is brought into view through a pendulum response.

As dowser healers we normally use a pendulum, the chain of which is held between the thumb and forefinger. We can only ask questions which have a “yes” or “no” answer and the pendulum will swing in a certain direction to provide the answer. For most dowsers, a clockwise swing indicates a “yes” answer and an anti-clockwise swing indicates a “no” answer.

The direction is not important; dowsers just need to know what their “yes” or “no” swing responses are. There are other pendulum responses, and the intensity of the swing is also a good indicator. With guidance and practice, trained dowsers develop this skill over time.

Anybody can dowse and the basic skills can be taught in a few minutes.


During this workshop, students will learn:

How to use a pendulum to tap into the inner sense of truth we all have within us, to help us identify energy concerns, healing needs and clarity of purpose.

This module is suitable for anyone wanting to get started with dowsing and who wants to get the most from their pendulum.

Learn how to identify dietary intolerances, choose the most suitable crystals for personal and home use and much more. In fact, the only limit to the answers we can uncover is our own imagination and belief in the process!


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20th October 2018 – FULLY BOOKED


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