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Numbers are strictly limited for these programmes. Plenty of hands on experience will be included at all levels.

Practical Reiki – Level 1
Practical Reiki – Level 2
Usui Reiki Mastership Level 3

If you’re interested in the healing powers of natural life energy, would like to help heal others and are thinking of starting a new career as a therapist, this Practitioner Diploma in Reiki is the perfect starting point for you.

Train as a Reiki practitioner and harness the Universal Energy

Reiki is a holistic therapy and natural health technique. Reiki is a treatment which enables you to heal on not only physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual levels, leaving both you and your clients energised and refreshed after each session. When you successfully complete the course and perform Reiki on your clients, you’ll find energy flowing through your hands whenever you place them on, or near, your client.

By taking this Practical Reiki Healing course you’ll learn everything there is to know about using Reiki energy to help yourself and others, which is why we’ve called it “Practical Reiki”. You’ll learn the five basic principles and the many specialised techniques as taught by the original Japanese Masters.The history of Reiki and what it can teach youReiki, which comes from the combination of Japanese words meaning ‘spirit’ or ‘divine’ and ‘energy’ or ‘life force’, is a healing practice developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui in Japan.

After Usui’s death Reiki was continued and adapted by various teachers throughout Japan and eventually the world.Along with detailed information on the use of hands, breathing control and strengthening Reiki energy, Athena’s Reiki course also gives you instruction on:

  • How to scan for, and eliminate, negative energy
  • Detoxification of the body through Reiki
  • Distance healing using natural life energy

Look through the course details for more information on what you’ll be learning as you start a new life as a Reiki practitioner, or scroll down the page to click to enrol on the course. Earn a Diploma in Reiki Healing via our distance learning and home study programme, and make a new start today!


Course contents:

These Practical Reiki courses will give you the tools you need to learn how to access the natural life energy we all have, but so few of us are able to access. They will show you how to help both individuals and groups, remove negative energy and focus on healing, and equip you to deal with your clients in a mutually trusting and professional way.

Here’s what you will learn:

Practical Reiki – Level 1

  • Introduction
  • What is Reiki?
  • The word ‘Reiki’
  • Why it’s sometimes called ‘Usui’ Reiki
  • Levels of Reiki
  • What to expect from a Reiki session
  • Five basic principles of Reiki
  • Five basic principles – explained
  • Origins and development of Reiki
  • Using the hands in Reiki
  • Reiki and breathing
  • Basic hand positions
  • The twelve basic Reiki hand positions
  • Preparing for a Reiki treatment session
  • Attunement
  • Importance of emotional healing
  • Group healing
  • Ethics
  • How to cleanse a room of negativity energy
  • How to cleanse food and animals of negative energy


Cost: £149.00 including e-manual, certificate and refreshments.

Can’t find dates to suit you?
We can offer a “pick your own dates” service for an additional small fee (full price for courses using this service shown above). Ideal for shift workers and busy parents with childcare challenges and those wishing to take annual leave to complete intensive training where we are not already offering a course, we will work with you to create your ideal schedule.
Please note that, once you have selected the dates that work for you, we reserve the right to advertise those dates to other students, although numbers will always be low.
We can also offer a completely bespoke, one to one course on the dates and over the duration to suit your personal requirements. This allows you to come into College exactly when it suits you and receive the individual attention of your tutor, although models will still be used for you to practice on, of course.
This tailored solution can be surprisingly cost effective as training is often delivered over a shorter time scale due to the personalised nature of it.
Please contact us to discuss this option.

Course dates:

Sunday 11th February 2018
Sunday 3rd June 2018
Sunday 7th October 2018

Course Curriculum

Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lession 1 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lession 2 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lession 3 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lession 4 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lession 5 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 6 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 7 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 8 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 9 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 10 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 11 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 12 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 13 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 14 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 15 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 16 00:00:00
Practical Reiki – Level 1 Lesson 17 00:00:00
Download Manual (PDF, Doc)
Download Reiki Level 1 course manuals 00:00:00

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  • £99.00
  • 100 Days
  • Course Badge
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