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The Practitioner Diploma in Crystal Therapy is made up of 12 individual modules. These are delivered via a combination of 6 days of practical College based training and 6 modules of on line learning. In order to achieve the qualification, students must complete all 12 modules.

All modules are also available on a standalone basis for those wanting to either attend a single workshop and/or build up to achieving the full Diploma over time.

Course outline

These modules must be attended by all students except where an application for Accreditation for Prior Learning has been successfully made. Full details of how to apply for APL are available upon request.

College based practical training

Each of the 6 one day workshops aims to deliver the following learning outcomes:

Module 1

Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Therapy

How to choose, cleanse, energise, keep and maintain crystals, and learn some simple yet powerful self help techniques to take away for home use. Aura massage and work with crystal wands will be included. This workshop is suitable for anyone generally interested in crystals and who wishes to use them personally and with family and friends.


Module 2

Introduction to Colour Therapy

  • Background to Colour Therapy
  • The History of Colour Therapy
  • Social and environmental effects of colour
  • The language of colour
  • Colour wheels and other colour correspondences
  • Simple colour therapy techniques and layouts for personal / home use


Module 3

Introduction to Chakras

Learn how to work crystals and colour with chakra energy in order to balance, restore and cleanse this important energy system, using layouts and single crystals with meditation. Techniques for both prescriptive and intuitive layouts will be included.

Also included:

  • The Subtle Energy Systems of the Body
  • Colour correspondences to chakras
  • Functions of chakras and links with the endocrine and other body systems
  • Simple chakra healing



Module 4

Dowsing for Health

Learn how to use a pendulum to tap into the inner sense of truth we all have within us, to help us identify energy concerns, healing needs and clarity of purpose.

This module is suitable for anyone wanting to get started with dowsing and who wants to get the most from their pendulum.

Learn how to identify dietary intolerances, choose the most suitable crystals for personal and home use and much more….


Module 5

Crystal Divination

Learn how to provide readings and guidance for yourself and others through interpreting the meaning of crystals. This module is also suitable for anyone exploring and developing their psychic skills and is ideal for tarot and angel card readers too.


Module 6

Crystals and Colour for Healing the Home

Learn how to select and utilise crystals and colour in your home for therapeutic effect. Techniques include space clearing and chakra balancing as well as more advanced skills for balancing up disharmonious areas and removing geomantic stress.

This workshop is ideal for anyone who has just moved to a new home or workspace and who wants to ensure they are in harmony with their surroundings.


On line learning

Each of the 6 on line learning modules aims to deliver the following learning outcomes:


Module 7

Essential Consultation Skills for Therapists

Learn how to build a strong rapport with your clients, listen effectively and conduct a professional and efficient consultation process in to get the best from each session.


Module 8

Business Practice for Complementary Therapists

The   aim   of   this   unit   is   to   develop   your  knowledge, understanding   and   practical   skills   in   researching, planning,   maintaining   and   marketing   a   business   in   the complementary   therapy   industry.

On  completion  of  this  unit  students  will:

  1. Understandthe  key  business  criteria required  for  complementary  therapies
  2. Beable  to  research  a  business  concept
  3. Beable  to  prepare  a  business  plan


Module 9

Health, Safety and Hygiene for Complementary Therapists

It   is  the  aim  of   this   module   to   provide   students   with   the   knowledge understanding   and   skills   to   work   safely   and   hygienically within   the   complementary   and   integrated   healthcare   sector.

On  completion  of  this  unit  students  will:

  1. Beable  to  maintain  a  healthy  and  safe environment
  1. Beable  to  apply  hygiene  procedures  for complementary  therapy  treatments
  1. Beable  to  understand  the  health  and safety  procedures  and  policies  required  for complementary  therapy


Module 10

Essential First Aid for Complementary Therapists

The Emergency First Aid syllabus includes:

– Recording & Reporting
– Regulations
– First Aid Priorities
– Unconsciousness
– Examining a Casualty
– Fractures and soft tissue injuries
– Burns and Scalds
– Basic Life Support (CPR)
– First Aid Kits
– Control of Bleeding
– Managing Incidents


Module 11

Energy Awareness for Therapists

Discover different ways to preserve the integrity of the aura with crystals and other simple energy techniques and enhance its strength and natural protection.

Includes tuition on the composition of the aura or energy field.


Module 12


At the completion of all other elements of the course, students will be required to complete an on line assessment and submit a series of case studies in order to obtain their qualification.

Students may apply for Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) for any previously completed modules. This includes previous study at another college / with another training provider. This process may result in a substantial reduction in the number of units, which a student needs to complete. An application form is available on request.

This is a fully insurable Practitioner qualification.


Cost: £799.00 for the full diploma programme



Saturday 27th January 2018 – day 1
Saturday 17th February 2018 – day 2
Saturday 17th March 2018 – day 3
Saturday 21st April 2018 – day 4
Saturday 19th May 2018 – day  5
Saturday 23rd June 2018 – day 6


Saturday 21st July 2018 – day 1
Saturday 18th August 2018 – day 2
Saturday 22ndSeptember  2018 – day 3
Saturday 20th October 2018 – day 4
Saturday 17th November 2018 – day 5
Saturday 5th January 2019 – day 6


If you would like to discuss any element of the training before booking, please contact us on enquiries@athenaschool.co.uk


Course Curriculum

Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Therapy
Introduction to Chakras
Introduction to Colour Therapy
Dowsing for Health
Crystal Divination
Crystals and Colour for Healing the Home
Essential Consultation Skills for Therapists
Business Practice for Complementary Therapists
Health, Safety and Hygiene for Complementary Therapists
Essential First Aid for Complementary Therapists
Energy Awareness for Therapists

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  • £799.00
  • 6 Days
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