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This comprehensive 20 day Professional Practitioner Diploma in Contemporary Naturopathy provides an “all you need to know” training in a vast array of complementary health subjects. The course is designed for those wishing to transform their own health and well being as well as those intent on working with others as a therapist.

Sharing knowledge obtained over more than two decades, Debra Goldston is offering this opportunity to benefit from her immense knowledge bank and experience in subjects such as: Detoxification, superfood and ionic nutrition, digestive health and food intolerances, juicing and alkaline health plus so much more. 

By enrolling on this unique training programme, you will effectively be shadowing Debra through her own weekly health routines and rituals as well as sharing her kitchen!

During the 20 days of this Practitioner Training programme, students will acquire the following knowledge:

Module One – Juicing for Health
The “science” behind this current fetish. Learn how to juice for optimum health.

Module Two – Alkaline Heath – the PH secret – the basics part one
Understanding the premise of alkalising and learn the essential PH toolkit to easily incorporate into your life right now.

Module Three – Detoxification, Elimination and Cleansing – the basics 
The cornerstone of health – from ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to the latest tools, learn to keep your body clear and pure. This module includes a look at environmental toxins and contaminants and how to super cleans the home.

Module Four – Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw and other dietary lifestyle choices examined and compared
Explore the rationale behind the fads and appreciate the benefits of each.

Module Five – Superfood nutrition – part one 
This vast and rapidly expanding subject holds immensely powerful nutritional wisdom. Circumvent the new age hype and learn what really works.

Module Six – Fermentation 
A fabulous day, learning to make a variety of fermented foods for digestive healing.

Module Seven – Dehydration and further superfood secrets 
Further knowledge shared about superfood nutrition and how to make a bespoke blend for yourself or others.

Module Eight – Intolerances, sensitivities and allergies – all you need to know
This module also provides an opportunity to receive a comprehensive self test, as well as to learn to test others as par to your therapeutic practice upon qualification.

Module Nine – Supplementation – vitamins and minerals – the real story exposed! 
Busting a few myths today as we break through the vitamin industry hype and look carefully at what really works and what we really need.

Module Ten – Alkaline Health – beyond the basic protocol 
A deeper delve into this fascinating and powerful subject.

Module Eleven – How to achieve Supreme Digestive Health and why this matters
Including, taking a look at the part played by gluten and grains and how to achieve optimum levels of gut flora.

Module Twelve – Hormone Health
A chieving balance at every stage of life with special reference to the thyroid and adrenal glands, chronic fatigue and the menopause from a life style / nutritional viewpoint.

Modules Thirteen and Fourteen – Holistic Weight Management 
Not one module, but two to work our way deep into those diet myths propounded by the megabuck weight loss community. What really works, and why.

Module Fifteen – Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy Masterclass 
Nutritional and lifestyle advice for those wishing to start or add to their families and ensure the healthiest pregnancy.

Module Sixteen – Achieving Optimum Cognitive Health and Wellbeing 
Exploring conditions such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar and depression as well as dementia and alzheimers, from a nutritional perspective.

Module Seventeen – Cancer Masterclass – what the medical profession is unlikely to tell you!

Module Eighteen – Advanced Detoxification Protocols for Supreme Health

Module Nineteen – Longevity Masterclass 
Exploring life enhancing nutritional and lifestyle protocols from around the globe – ancient practices and the latest science.

Module Twenty – Final assessment

Entry requirements: In order to fully absorb the learning from this comprehensive programme, students will require a foundational appreciation of certain other subjects. That being the case, we ask for students to either provide evidence of Accreditation of Prior Learning or also enrol with us on the following programmes (mostly available via distance learning):

Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology; 
Level 3 Diploma in Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists;
Level 3 Diploma in Business Awareness and Professional Conduct;
First Aid in the Workplace


In addition to attending the 20 days of College based training, students are also required to undertake a robust on line learning programme which will support their practical skills with the necessary underpinning theoretical know how. During this process, they will be assessed and will also be required to undertake a series of 20 case studies in which they will evidence their new found knowledge and skills. Upon successful completion of all assessment activities, they will receive their Practitioner qualification and be able to gain insurance in this fascinating field. Not only this, but they will also be perfectly placed to enhance their own health and wellbeing to optimum levels.


Cost: The total investment for this course, includes the following elements: All 20 days of practical, College based training; On line learning materials and tutor support; All superfoods and other materials during the practical training; On going assessment; Final Practitioner Certification; £2495


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