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Radiant Natural Health Seminar

Seminar by John Jezewski, LCPHom, B.Sc Hons, MARH, DANP 



An amazing day of supreme health!


Learn how to make simple dietary changes that can boost your health. If you are suffering with chronic health issues learn how to make a sustainable recovery using all-natural methods. If you are in good health then learn about the next upgrade to supreme health. You will come away with the practical knowledge required to alkalise, decalcify, detox, use tonic herbs and bio-hack using supplements. You will get cutting-edge fast-track techniques to slim-down and also upgrade your sleep. Free tests, which include arterial stiffness and blood pressure will be available on the day.


A practical and fun day with lots of free samples, tests, tonics and life-enhancing rejuvenation elixirs.


There will be up to an hour set aside for anyone to ask John questions about any aspect of health.


John is an inspiring lecturer, Registered Homeopath and has been a natural health practitioner since 1992 and has treated hundreds of people since that time. He has developed a unique approach and is a specialist in living nutrition, alkaline health, chronic disease, weight loss, longevity, mental /emotional health and inspiring health coach. John runs seminars, is the principal of the College of Living Nutrition and runs residential longevity health retreats.


Date : Saturday 10th February 2018


Cost : Only £30 (£40)


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