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The Benefits of Massage For Babies and Children

As with any form of treatment for infants, there has been considerable research carried out in order to demonstrate the innumerable benefits of massage for both babies and children. Indeed, studies have shown that massage provides both physical and emotional support for infants during their development. More specifically, tests have shown that massage improves a child’s ability to self-regulate calm as well as ease things such as congestion and aid in the distribution of oxygen, an essential process for those just beginning to grow. What’s more, massage is one of the few ways to totally stimulate all of the psychological systems which, when properly attended to, allow children to be wholly relaxed. This is achieved by reducing the amount of cortisol, the hormone which is responsible for bringing about the sensation of stress. Just like adults, babies and children will naturally enjoy the time spent dedicated to relieving their bodies and minds of tension, allowing them to get on with all of the important parts of growing up in a healthier frame of mind.

March 14, 2018

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