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The Effectiveness of Meditation in Schools

Whilst we are typically quick to notice the benefits of mediation in adults who work demanding jobs or lead difficult lives, it’s not often that we consider the effects it might have on children who are faced with similarly demanding routines. Indeed, though we might like to think that children have it much easier than us adults, the reality is they process stress in exactly the same way and require similar measures to help combat the consequent tension. With this in mind, it should be clear that by occasionally committing a small portion of the school day to focussing on the mindfulness of students, teachers will find themselves greeted with receptive and healthy minds. Such a solution to the anxieties and stresses of school children is not without precedent. Indeed, certain ‘Zen Clubs’ have been established in a number of schools which have reported that a growing number of students are attending sessions in order to enjoy the kind of quiet and tranquility which no playing field or lunch hall can provide. With a number of resources available online, as well as a handful of academically accepted texts, it would certainly seem that the benefits of meditation in schools would vastly outweigh the scepticism.

March 14, 2018

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