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Why You Can’t Just Start Exercising and Dieting

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when trying to lose weight or build muscle, is to approach the objective as something isolated and separate from the rest of their lifestyle. Too many people think that they can start getting into better shape, simply by changing their diet or by starting to train for X number of hours a day.

What’s wrong with this? It doesn’t take into account any of the challenges that led to you becoming out of shape in the first place and it neglects to account for the obstacles you will continue to face.

Why Aren’t You in Shape?

When it comes to working out, people will spend a lot of time and even money looking for the perfect training program. This is ignoring the fact that they aren’t already doing any exercise – despite being perfectly aware that doing some press ups at the end of the day would probably be good for them.

They want to get into shape and yet they’re not already doing anything to get there. Why is that? It’s not the lack of program – it’s the lack of energy. And most likely that lack of energy is in turn linked to a number of other things, such as their diet and perhaps their sleep.

More often than not though, that lack of energy is to do with stress. It’s because they’re coming home every day from a hard day at work that leaves them feeling harassed, energyless and potentially depressed.

Likewise, we’re stressed, tired and rushed because we have so many other commitments. These include things like clubs and activities, taking the kids to school, making food and cleaning the house…

How a Complete Lifestyle Change Helps

With all this in mind then, it’s not enough to just try and add 5 40 minute workouts to your week, that just won’t work! Instead, you should focus on your whole lifestyle to put yourself in a position where you do have the energy and the time to make these big changes.

That means focussing on getting home from work quicker and on being less stressed while you are working. It also means improving your sleep by learning to switch off and by maintaining a more comfortable sleeping environment. It even means dressing better so you feel more confident at work and thus more energized when you get home.

To get into shape it’s not enough to change one thing. Everything must change.

March 14, 2018

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